Revolutionize Your Insurance
Process with Our Solution

Say goodbye to complicated claim processing and settlements and boring products!

How We Transform Insurance

Automated Claims

No more manual paperwork or delays. Our solution automates claim processing, streamlining the entire journey from submission to settlement.

Third-Party Data

We've got your back. By cross-referencing various external data sources, we accurately determine damages, making the process reliable and efficient.

Cutting edge technology:

Trust is our priority. Our solution is built on blockchain, ensuring tamper-proof records and boosting security for both insurers and clients. In addition, we use API endpoints, which enable us to build and integrate solutions that take the weight off your IT department’s shoulders.

Portfolio Innovation:
Unleash your creativity! We support insurers to explore new product ideas confidently, knowing that claims and settlements are taken care of flawlessly.
Plug and play
Embark on a journey of insurance transformation with our versatile solutions designed to cater to your and your traveler’s needs. We offer ready-to-integrate parametric services:

Why Choose Us

Efficiency: Cut down on processing time and costs. Our automated system gets things done faster, without sacrificing accuracy.

Security: With blockchain's advanced security features, your data remains untouchable, providing peace of mind in a digital world.

Focus on Frontend: Our Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) cloud service model takes the burden off insurers. Concentrate on creating amazing frontend experiences while we manage the backend intricacies.

Your Vision, Our Mission: We understand your uniqueness. Our promise is to create a solution that resonates with your brand, values, and aspirations.

Trusted by industry leaders

Trusted by industry leaders