What exactly is embedded insurance?
Embedded insurance is a type of insurance that is integrated into another product or service. This means that the insurance is not sold separately, but is instead offered as an add-on to the core product or service. All this, combined with technological innovations, aims to make insurance as seamlessly integrated into the customer journey as possible: as convenient, fast, and easy to use as the service it is linked to.
The customer simply selects their flights on your booking platform.
In fact, it can be any platform. The various travel insurance products can be perfectly paired with a range of other services.
Within the same flow, they add and personalize their flight insurance policy.
No awkward redirects, no follow-up email offers, just the familiar interface of the booking platform.
They pay their flights and travel insurance policy in one go.
If anything goes wrong with their flights, they will automatically be reimbursed, without having to report or claim.
The smart way to provide travel insurance
Create the compensation experience that consumers demand today, so you can maximize engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Easy to integrate and customize

Avoid the hassle of a long custom development process by utilizing ready-to-use solutions.

End-to-end insurance solution

We cover the technology and the insurance, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Extra revenue, no investment costs

By introducing a completely new service, you can generate ancillary revenue.

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