End-to-end flight insurance
solution for your customer journey

Designed for evolving needs

Customer requirements are evolving. Traditional travel insurance services are not satisfactory, and modern travelers demand innovative, fully digital solutions, whereas many flight delay insurance options still rely on manual inputs.

Switch to a truly digital compensation solution

Automated Claim Processing
and Prompt Compensation

Enhanced Security through
Blockchain Technology

Cost-effective Implementation

Transparent User Journey

Enhanced customer

API-based Communication –
works with your frontend

John's journey

This is John

John adds flight
to his
flight booking

John’s flight gets

John receives his

Our system monitors
John's flight

Our system
triggers a payout

The smart way to provide
travel insurance

Create the compensation experience that consumers demand today,
so you can maximize engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Easy to integrate and customize

Avoid the hassle of a long custom development process by utilizing ready-to-use solutions.

End-to-end insurance solution

We cover the technology and the insurance, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Extra revenue, no investment costs

By introducing a completely new service, you can generate ancillary revenue.

Flight disruption insurance with Allianz Hungary

Allianz Hungary utilizes our automated flight disruption product in its travel insurance.

"Working with Insurwiz creates a win-win situation for both parties: their reaction is fast and accurate, and their outstanding expertise makes the cooperation reliable. They provide valuable and precise feedback further strengthening the joint efforts."

Anikó Móri - Senior Product Manager, Allianz Hungary

Incorporate financial safety into your
services with embedded insurance

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