Ski Lift Insurance: Why Skiers Need Ski Lift Insurance?

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With summer slowly winding down, and as we begin the countdown to special holidays like Halloween and Christmas, there's a delightful atmosphere in the air. 🎃🎄

Who doesn't love the charm of these holidays?

But for many, including myself, this time of year represents an awaited moment for winter vacations, especially for skiing enthusiasts.

Counting down to hit the snowy slopes and the beauty of the white landscapes adds an extra layer of excitement to the winter months.

What about you? Are you planning a ski trip this holiday season? ⛷️

🏔️ Imagine, you're all set for your winter getaway, ready for some skiing fun. But sometimes, plans take an unexpected turn. What if you arrive, and the ski lifts are closed or the weather isn't on your side?

In those situations, wouldn't it be comforting to receive compensation for the letdown? That's precisely what ski lift insurance provides – a safety net for skiers, ensuring you're not left at a loss when things don't go as planned during your winter getaway.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at ski lift insurance and why it's a must-have for anyone who loves skiing. We will also mention how our solution works to make your ski trips worry-free. Whether for an experienced skier or new to the slopes, ski lift insurance ensures winter adventures go smoothly, even if unexpected issues arise.

Why is it a must-have for winter travelers?

Unexpected lift problems: Sometimes ski lifts can unexpectedly stop working because of various issues like technical glitches or bad weather. Ski lift insurance gives travelers a safety net in case this happens, so they don't miss out on skiing.

Protecting traveler's money: When travelers plan a ski trip, they spend money on things like lift tickets, places to stay, and getting there. If the ski lifts aren't working, it can cost them money. Ski lift insurance helps them get some of that money back.

Peace of mind: Having this insurance means travelers can enjoy their ski vacation without worrying about lift closures ruining their plans.

Customized coverage: Travelers can choose how much coverage they want based on their needs. For example, they can decide under what conditions they'd like to be compensated.

Straightforward claims: Ski lift insurance makes it simple to get compensation if something goes wrong. Some policies use technology to give travelers money automatically, so they don't have to deal with a lot of paperwork.

Better skiing experience: Beyond covering accidents, ski lift insurance also helps them have a smoother skiing adventure by keeping an eye on lift statuses and ensuring they can enjoy uninterrupted skiing.

🎿 In a nutshell, ski lift insurance is a must for winter travelers because it provides financial protection, peace of mind, and a way to customize your coverage, ultimately making travelers skiing vacation more enjoyable.

What is MoWi?

⛷️💸 Imagine that ski lifts don’t operate during your ski trip… You would want compensation, right?

MoWi was our first MVP product, which we launched with Aegon Hungary in 2019 on the Hungarian market. It is a standalone parametric insurance product that relies on people's fear of missing out on fun and adventure. It has fully automated claim processing and claim settlements utilizing third-party data sources built on top of blockchain technology for maximized transparency and security. It’s an end-to-end process, MoWi takes care of the whole user journey, from the insurance purchase all the way to the automated payout to the policyholder.

MoWi collects information about the operational status of ski lifts at the selected ski resorts, and in case they are down it automatically triggers the payout. As the weather itself is not always enough to decide if it is possible to ski or not at the specific ski resort or slope, on the other hand, problems in ski lift operations always indicate if the slopes are skiable.

How does it work?

Unique insurance: Mowi offers a one-of-a-kind insurance solution that automatically compensates our travelers if ski lifts are out of service during their vacation, sparing them from the disappointment of missed skiing opportunities due to poor weather conditions.

Tailored compensation: Understanding that every situation is unique, we empower our travelers to specify the compensation amount they'd like to receive, ensuring they're sufficiently covered for any inconveniences.

Customizable claims: We prioritize our travelers' comfort and concerns. They have the flexibility to customize their insurance conditions, selecting the ideal percentage of functioning ski lifts during their trip to align with their preferences.

Automated policy: Our travelers' insurance contracts are securely recorded as smart contracts on a public blockchain. When the specified conditions are met, compensation is automatically disbursed, eliminating the need for a protracted and complicated claims process.

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